Is it even a group project unless you did over 50% of the work?

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    It's a group project unless did 100% of the work. And is 100% your fault if you didn't delegate work to other because "they're not as good as me".
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    In Germany we have a nice meaning of the word „Team“: Toll, ein anderer macht’s. (The first letter of each word). It means „great, someone else does it“
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    @maushax are you trying to blame it on op or did i just misread that?
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    @erandria I think he might have been, I concede that I probably could have done more to try and get them to do more. Except it wasn't a case of me not letting other people do work because "they're not as good as me" but instead a case of "they're lazy" and "It's a more effort to push them to do work than it is to just do more myself"
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    Well you can do 100% of work then blame others that they’re stupid and know nothing or you can pick right people or help your mates instead of being an asshole. It’s always your choice and your life and it’s always easier to blameless others, especially if they are not in the same room.
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    It's a gangbang and you got fucked.
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    So if it’s a group of more than two people there’s guaranteed overlap between the work done, meaning bad organisation.
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