Don't you love it when a network library is advertised as easy to use and quick to set up but the lack of proper documentation escalates the issue to a weekend long adventure about finding out how to do shit?

The Github wiki is full of small use case examples but none explain how to use the lib from ground up and everything is handled by an UI-based helper scene which you can't use anyways since the whole thing is supposed to run headless.

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    I've run into many a "This is easy to set up: just do a, b, c!" Where A has changed without notice, and B causes a crash.
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    Been there. Was so pissed that I just rewrote their whole documentatio
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    Reminds me of the AWS documentation, which ranges from fantastic to completely nonexistent depending on which service you're looking for...
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    @AI-Overlord I've been thinking abku adding some wiki pages myself after I figured this out. For the good open source spirit.
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    ...but you don't need documentation if it's easy to set up and use!
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    @Salzian best was when i was trying to look up how to do something in unreal engine.

    the official documentation said something like "you can simply set it in the menu"

    didn't say which menu, in what window, and how do i open it.

    turned out it was a menu in a window which opens from a ... button in a 40row property table in a tab that appears in the main property window only if you select a specific component from the scene objects hierarchy.

    "our engine has BUTTONS FOR EVERYTHING, so it's so darn easy that even nonprogrammers can make complete games in it!"
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