Anyone out here started their programming interest by creating moding/ creating their own private WoW servers back in the day? Or any thing of such nature ?

Mine interest was sparked by screwing around with mangos private wow server source. Way back in the day haha.

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    Not WoW, but Warcraft 3 got me started on basically everything. I would make custom maps and basic campaigns and stuff (anyone remembers the horrible custom scripting language that Warcraft 3 and Starcraft used, JASS?). Wanted to learn how stuff like that was made annnnd...here I am.
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    I did all sorts of weird stuff. GTA San Andreas server scripting, Just Cause 2 MP server scripting, I was a weird kid and still am.
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    Nah I didnt have internet as a kid. So I started reading BASIC books my dad owned.
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    @Salzian thumbs up for the JustCause2 MP. That shit was legendary.
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    @theKarlisK I had so much ideas I wanted to realize but the community I was on was dying. It was mostly about air traffic control so you had the main airport with scripts for takeoff and landing. You we're able to request landing and either the automatic system or a player assigned as ATC was able to give clearance. Everyone else got their vehicle despawned then on that runway.

    When I came in the server I was so fascinated by that, that I rescripted the default included minimal script of JC2MP to use a custom map for the airport only showing player locations and vehicle types. You needed to encode the icons in Base64 or download from some web resource I didn't have.

    I still have the custom made map on Deviantart https://deviantart.com/djsandmanntv...

    I was so young, innocent and stumped back then :D
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    Started by modding GTA.got interested in making 3d models. Learned blender.got introduced to python via blender..got interested in computing in general leaned c++ then assembly and now working at a cybersecurity firm and couldn't be more happier .
    Seems like a butterfly effect. And don't know what I would be doing today if I hadn't bought tha GTA San andreas CD
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