I like systemd, yes it is a joke.

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    hello to devRant 🤘😃🤘

    the youtube algo really wants that i watch this video since 3 months.
    Maybe we should?
    🎥 The Tragedy of SystemD
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    Systemd is a trainwreck with a conductor who tells you trains are supposed to be mountains of mangled steel.
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    @heyheni Great Talk
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    >has never had a problem with systemd
    >kinda likes it over old init methods because services can be systematically run in order after a certain other service

    y tho
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    @Parzi Same. I'm sure there are better init systems but I've never really had any problems with systemd...
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    The problem with systemd is there might be better alternatives (and I'm not even sure there are) but I'm not gonna build my own distro and changing a distros init system does more harm than good. Why systemd is not perfect it works just fine. I just wish it was a little less complex.
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    @EmberQuill if some services can't stop on shutdown you need to wait 5 minutes and 20 seconds, this time can't be changed, only recompiling all systemd, the problems came when you need to change something or it's necessary to use NFS, then you have to do bad things to make its work in certain situations.
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    @heyheni you can, but if have work to do, don't waste your time with systemd problems, just use it as a normal user, then the problems will be hide and will not make any difference on your life.
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    @arthurhoch if services can't be stopped on SHUTDOWN there's a bigger issue than systemd.
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    @Parzi it's just search for "a stop job systemd" on Google to know about what I am talking about.
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    I found out that you can specify the timeout per unit. See
    In the case of stop job running... It probably enough to specify it on you login manager. Btw there is also a DefaultTimeoutStopSec
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    @Lythenas it doesn't work. Already try it.
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    @arthurhoch I haven't tried it myself. But if it doesn't work that sucks... But then it is probably a bug. Maybe open a bug report if there is not already one?
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