so apparently Windows 10 Pro build... 1803? 1806? (somewhere in there) refuses to allow over 1TB of pagefile if there's more than one volume with pagefiles. The system just hangs when pagefile is used if this condition isn't met.

I know because *i'm batshit fucking insane and am trying to cram 64GB of data into a PNG in PYTHON*.

(this might also only apply to me. your mileage may or may not vary.)

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    64GB png?
    What the hell did you do, take a snapshot of the universe and try save it?
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    @C0D4 i've found that converting some file types to 3 byte per pixel PNGs can end up dropping the size by up to 10% and still being further compressable. I was stress testing my engine with a 64GB VHDX containing most of my malware samples.

    1TB isn't enough for this because Python doesn't do memory management well, and Numpy and PIL don't help matters.
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    @Parzi Write it in C, ofc. Or Perl. Perl is very fitting.
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    @Root C is too low-level for me to get anywhere in. Perl can eat a fat one (blame the standard Linux rename binary.)
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    1TB pagefile? 🤔🧐
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    I call bullshit. All a png is is a header and then raw colour codes. Those colour codes are directly behind each other. That's just sequential saving. You directly stream an object in its binary form sequentially. Maybe I have to fill up the last row for it to work even. So this being smaller doesn't make any sense. At best you add a header to it. And for further compression. Well, if it's lossy picture compression, I believe you. But you will never get the original file out of it. And if it's loss-free compression, that would have worked on the original file as well.

    So, post a GitHub link to prove me wrong if you can, but until then, the whole idea is flawed and doomed.
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    @TheCommoner282 healthy skepticism. I like it.


    also here's before and after conversion of a decent-size file (I zipped up my floppy images to quickly use as an example.)

    Conversion from PNG back to the original file isn't implemented yet but would be simple to add (famous last words!)
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    @TheCommoner282 actually hold my last comment something has gone horribly wrong in one of the two directions, but i think it might be from PNG to the original file
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    yes, something is definitely not correct
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    @Parzi Thank you for the link. You're right, seems like your losing information. Please drop me a message when you think it is working. I can't wait to try it
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