1 - "We know it was you who hacked into the hospital's system."
2 - "But I wouldn't even know how to do this."
1 - "Really? Because your record says you got 2 years in computer science!"

*Everyone in the room knows instantly it had to be him, case closed*

My reaction: "...what?"

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    Just like we are always able to hack any kind of OS used by aliens visiting / conquering us with just a couple of lines of codes within minutes 😄😄
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    "...I'm in"
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    That's rat shit
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    "Sir, we have surveilance footage of a suspect in the scene. His small penis largely resembles the perpetrator's genitals."
    "E N H A N C E !"
    (everyone dramatically gasps)
    "It's him."
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    <hammers the tab key four times>

    "Let the games begin."
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    @redman independence day got me really puzzled as a kid for that thing you described
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    I don't have time for tv-series. I watch yt.
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    I always enjoy it when the press refers to "computer genius" when someone rips off their employer by changing yet database.

    It's as if knowing how to copy and paste a SQL query makes you a Turing Award nominee.
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    LOL, which TV series is that?
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    Actually independence day made sense. Let me break it down. The aliens used binary computers. Area51 had years to build an interface between their and our computers.

    The aliens communicated telepathically. More like a hive mind, or slaves and drones. So there was no need for ACL.

    From hereon out, writing a virus is actually just wiresharking network traffic, understand which command means off and sending it to all reachable nodes.

    I think the second part said something along the lines that they learned from their mistakes and their technology is not open anymore, but I'm not sure.

    Oh and one more thing. The network was only without acl from within the mothership. Like a trusted network.
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    @TheCommoner282 huh
    that's the type of shit I missed as a kid
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    It’s a Unix system
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    @jesustricks to be fair this isn't explained in detail. However, it's said that Area 51 had the crashed Roswell ship for many years. Plenty of time to analyze its technology.
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    @redman If you're referencing the first "Independence Day", that is that most stupid hacking scene/story in the history of hacking or cinema.
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    Was it him?
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    @Sabro probably, we will never know, because the author thought it would be equal to confessing.
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    @telephantasm Yep, I meant the first one 😄

    @VaderNT The fact that they had the Roswell ship for years didn't mean anything as far as the "OS" goes given the fact that Jeff managed to activate the shields of the ship during the shooting scene with the cola can.
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    @redman I don't see the contradiction. For all I know Area 51 told him what they learned over the years, and he was showing off that he could control alien hardware.
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    @VaderNT I find it unrealistic that someone can remotely connect to an alien computersystem without much efforts, hack it, upload some trojan-like executable which instantly turns their system useless. And yes, I know it's the movies so anything goes.
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    @redman Seriously, there's a better chance of killing the aliens with AIDS from Earth than writing code that works on alien computers.
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    @telephantasm that’s another movie
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    Sudo bash hack-into-computor.sh
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    @TheCommoner282 In Independence Day they say the ship just turned on 2 days ago when the aliens arrived. They had not years. also years ago in ID was what...1960? nobody even knew what a computer interface was back then.
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    @cephei that's a real bump in my hypothesis... Let's just agree that never happened, okay? But in all seriousness, the question is now how long would it take to build an interface to an alien computer and yes, I think you're right, two days is too short. Dammit
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