I think I may have just had a bit of an epiphany...

Algorithms and Data Structures are sort of like libraries and frameworks.

JS is probably the easiest example since npm has a lot of libraries.

For most cases, underscore.each and lodash.each $.each achieve pretty much the same thing except one maybe better in certain cases.

And data structures are sort of like Angular, React, Electron, ReactNative. Each has its own purpose or style and are good for solving certain types of problems?

So day-to-day you don't really care what Sort() algo you use.. unless you really need to perfoarmance tune it for a specific case.

And data structures, depending on the type of problem you have, one is easier to work/think about the problem in although not examply... Usually have to use a few of them at once.

How is this going to help me in interviews... I'm not sure... other than reconfirming that knowing specific implementations of Sort and Trees is usually BS... most of the time just need to know you should Sort or use a Tree...

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