Any tips on how to organize the ever growing shit list that is my tasks list? Maybe some of you are using some awesome methods that I don't know about?

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    finish some....

    ok, ok, just kidding. That never works.
    Maybe pass some off to a pier or subordinate?
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    @M1sf3t working alone atm
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    @Archeelux well in that case, change your work schedule to really odd hours, 9pm to 9 am, then lock yourself in your room, disable your email notifications and cut your phone off... Not guaranteed to work but it's your only chance 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Split the list in, should be done yesterday, todo and future and make sure the first is the smallest.

    Then don’t do anything except the first.

    If new tasks arrive, add to appropriate list but do not let the first one grow.

    Once the first shrinks, move new tasks up.

    Best is if the first never include more than you thing you can do in one or two days.
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    I found this article on Hackernoon.
    It's not for everybody, but no productivity solution ever is. I found that, with a few tweaks, it has helped me keep organized.
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    @Archeelux Plan one hour a day for yourself. During that hour you can take care of the little things that keep laying around, the little things from your list.
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    Are you looking for a "project management" solution?

    What sort of tasks are they? Who assigns them? How structured and detailed are they?
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    Tag every task with a priority rating and difficulty rating. Color code them.

    I have a friend that made a nice list in Excel (xD), column for name, priority, difficulty, and comments. Priority and difficulty are color coded, and dropdowns. Then you can filter and sort them at will. It works nicely.

    Solve easy high priority first.
    Leave low priority and difficult for later.
    The others, do them depending on your mood.
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