I've seen a growing trend in series.
If an author wants to insert a romantic sub-plot into a very much mature series,
He won't write it in a believable way, fitting the tone of series.
Instead he will insert cheap teen-drama and make the audience cringe to death.
What is it with this shit?

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    People love drama. There are some who want cheap trash fiction they don't need to use their brains to read 🤷‍♀️ I've noticed this trend too, it's annoying.
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    The number of people who have their brains switched on and processing when watching stuff is actually rather small
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    sometimes the mellow drama is to just attract less, we'll go with sophisticated here, viewers.

    Other times its just simply as it is when anything else, just because your good at writing/acting out one type of genre doesn't mean your good at them all
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    I imagine adults dont watch TV that much, as they have other things to do. That leaves teenagers and young people as the target audience. So I guess they're trying to adapt the content to the audience. Plus, it's easier writing simple drama, so theres a reduction in cost of writing.
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