Kinda tech related, kinda scam related. I almost already forgot about this, but weekly rant topic reminded me of it.

I was visiting my parents, and my mom just told how she just bought stunning "medical device" for dealing with all kinds of things starting from acne to joints pain and migrene using some kind of weak radiation. Well what she told next was just too good to be truth, because she got it with big discount, for "low low" price of 2000, while normaly it's 2500.. that made me curious what the hell is going on for company just to discount that much. It was event promotion to make people buy their stuff without even thinking.. well after quick search I found same device manufacturers website with listing of official shops.

No, the shop that sold it for my mom wasn't in that list, why? Because in official shops prices goes from 350 to 600.. good thing that by law you can get back your money in 7 days and that I decided to visit that day.

And at the end of the day, quick search online saved money. Let that be a lesson to look stuff online before blindly buying. And for the love of duck, don't be like me, and show your parents how to look stuff online about these "too good to be true" things.

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