Today I told someone of my team that the changes they made on the backend a few weeks ago fucked up the frontend because they stopped sending some json, he told me no no the frontend must be wrong.
that part of the frontend hasn't been touched in months. I showed him on the browser how the response didn't contain json, headers where correct, etc etc, he told me he didn't trust that(the browser network tab) and that in postman it works, and I should debug it... fuck me.. I went through his java code(which is not my strong fort) for like 3 hours to show him that he in fact was being a complete asshole, if only I could just ignore him and told him to fuck off but no, since I'm the only frontend in my team and frontend apparently is for idiots then I must be wrong and since the team lead doesn't hear anything I have to say yeah. Fuck me

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    Dont you have git for backend to check the source backend guy chances.
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    @zotigapo yeah, showed him right there on git, he told me those changes where doing something else :/
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    @M1sf3t guess I was too tired to write this coherently yesterday hahaha, just a fucking guy being an asshole basically
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