When somebody speaks about "rewriting everything from scratch" I always mention some famous articles claiming: "don't do it!" "big mistake".

Truth is that when somebody says "rewrite everything from scratch" he doesn't mean "everything". He just means "rewrite the 2-3 things that we found useful after 10 years of developing useless features nobody cares about"

So then, yes, rewrite, please

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    This is true, theres another quote I remember from somewhere (idk where from anymore) that says: dont rewrite projects but fix the broken code instead, it develops your problem solving ability and prepares you for working in the industry.

    On that note, I do have at least one positive experience with rewritting one whole part of our worst project from scratch, because it was really really messy after all the clients change requests. I rewrote it, and wrote tests for it, and now it doesn't break randomly anymore -_- what a headache that was, took me two days to rewrite and test tho and I got permission from my boss by explaining that we kill more time to patch this over and over than we would spend to do it once correctly again
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