I'm responsible of the smooth operations of the platform, i.e. I'm responsible if something doesn't work. As I'm the technical leader, cofounder and original developer.

However I have no control on installations scheduling, on feedback from customers, on new features planning, on installations tasks performed by the team. No resources whatsoever.

And everybody NEEDS me to perform even small tasks. I would delegate and automate if only I had the time to explain and develop scripts.

But I have zero time. So basically everybody is counting on me working 15 hours per day to get things done.
And one person is also claiming to be "in charge of operations".
He is actually only in charge of me.

I cannot exit from this vicious circle.
I'm like the house doormat.

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    Sounds like you need to get off the mat, and change things.
    1. Stop doing what other people are telling you to do do.
    2. Hire some devops, and sys admins, and let them automate + handle things.
    3. Fire your manager. As cofounder, you should be able to do that. If can't fire, then let him do the tech support hands on, while you automate, or hire ppl.

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    Your time is the most valuable in the company. You should be finding ways to increase or multiply it. Therefore automation and delegation should be your top priorities. Make time for them.
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    @Root "multiply my time" hmmm I like the way of expressing the concept
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