To the people who have been fired at a job. What were the reasons you were fired? Was it because you couldn't finish something or other reasons?

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    I was fired one time because the company made losses and had to cut down staff. It had no relation to performance, it was because I didn't have family and children.
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    A few of my friends' friends were asked to leave owing to reportedly below-par performance. This was during the economic recession during 2008-09 during which they did anything imaginable to keep the revenues up
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    You want the whole list or you want me to just pick one occasion?
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    @M1sf3t all you got. I got time.
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    @thatguyatwork well let's see,

    There was time we got fired from a bar shortly after Katrina in which our trailer was rendered unlivable and we we're only being given 8 hours a week split between four days. Requested off until the curfew was lifted because it wasn't worth the hour drive I had to make from my parents only to come back and find out that the leave we received was permanent.

    Then there was the time we we're completely green and found ourselves working at a large company under a mechanic that was in the early stages of Alzheimer yet still managing to retain his expert cya skills....
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    Then there was applebee's in which we had already turned in our two weeks notice yet we were requested to work the last weekend at the very last minute and beings that that also happened to be our birthday weekend we decided to bring the bottle of rum we had been sipping on all day to the kitchen and share some with everyone else. Wouldn't have been a problem ordinarily because it was routine for the bartender up there to sneak everyone a drink or two per shift, only that particular night the regional manager happened to show up and we got fired two days short of the day we were supposed to quit.
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    There was a job I had for a few months where they didn't give me any direction at all (no assigned projects, tickets, anything) and towards the end they didn't like that I was doing a project for the CEO instead (designs for a new website). Instead of what? No idea. I was ignored when I asked for work. Anyway, I got sick a few days after their complaining and asked to go home early. My supervisor fired me on the spot. Shrug?

    Speaking of, my supervisor/"mentor" was a junior dev with a total of two years' experience. I don't mean only professional experience, he literally had picked up programming for the first time two years prior. By contrast, I had a good ten years' experience at the time. That guy was so haughty and cliche, like really: he would always insist that Zend PHP -- his first and only programming language -- was far and above the best in the world, and refused to try any others because they were worse. I laughed at him so many times. He hated me.

    But I digress. A lot.
    Back to the question!

    Most of the jobs I've lost were because:
    ¤ The company ran out of money.
    ¤ The company ran out of projects for me to do.
    ¤ The poduct I was working on got canceled.
    ¤ My contract ended.
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    Then there was the wife that fired us as we were unloading our toolbox the day before we started at the shop.

    Not sure if that one was because we knew from working with her at a bar some years before that she was a whore or because her sister, ironically still a friend of mine, had claimed that she was date-raped (arguably the other way around) in order to get out of the shit she was in with her boyfriend.

    Actually got a laugh out of that one in part because we called the sister to see wtf and she told us that we didn't want the job anyway because the place was a nightmare to work at and most employees had a 6 month turn-around, and two because the husband and wife got a divorce shortly after we were fired 😅
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    Think thats pretty much all the highlights. Not that there weren't other times but the rest I think can be summed up as just getting burnt out and progressively showing up later and later.

    Most of those situations the company just beat us to finding another job and turning in a two weeks 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @M1sf3t Crazy stories. Thank you for sharing!
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    @thatguyatwork no problem. If I couldn't share some of the craziness that occurred in my chaotic twenties every now and again it would all be quite depressing really 💁🏻‍♂️
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    I was fired for surfing the web when the company's shitty product (built in Flash / Adobe Flex) took a whole 15 min to compile every time I changed the smallest thing in the code! Glad that happened, I wouldn't want to be a customer to such a slow product...
    This was back in 2012
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