Hi guys

I just wanted to let you know that me is pretty lazy

Ok bye

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    no you aren't, you wrote that rant.
    That's way to much effort to be considered lazy.
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    Some would say that the best programmers are the lazy ones - they get the most amount done while expending the least amount of energy
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    Bill Gates said something once that I always thought was a good point (I know, did I really just say that?). Went something like, hire the lazy person when there is a difficult job, because the lazy dev will find the easiest solution.
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    @unsignedint @M1sf3t what people always fail to mention about that quote is that it actually means "lazy as in efficient", rather than "lazy as in lazy".
    If Bill Gates hired an actually lazy person (ie someone who sits on their ass all day and never gets shit done), you can bet your ass he'd fire him in a splitsecond.
    Sure, some innate laziness is a great catalyst for finding the most efficient way to do something (max result for minimal effort), but you still need to put in the effort to find that solution and then apply it - otherwise, you're out.
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