Within the past 24 hours TWINUI has appeared on my laptop. I noticed it in the properties of an audio file, as one of the choices to open the FLAC audio file, along with the apps I installed already.
I'm fairly certain of when it broke through and why. Is there anything I can do to get it as far the fuck away from me as possible.


[I feel it necessary to issue a caveat emptor: if you feel the need to reply to my post, haughtily pointing out that I could've looked up the answer myself &c., I advise you to wait until tomorrow. Last week I posted a question on encyclopedia-titanica.org, asking for the Morse call letters of RMS Aquitania. I searched my books and I searched online, but I couldn't find the answer, so I created a post asking what it was. Some tosser thought it appropriate to go off on me for not spending enough time researching the question before posting it. In any case I ripped him a few shiny new arsewholes. This entire post is ever so slightly aberrant, but there you are. Thanks.]

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    Have you done your research yet?
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    TWINUI is the "Tablet Windows UI", a system library for handling applications in tablet-mode. Usually pops up due to registry corruption causing default programs to be reset.

    As long as it's not currently set as the default app for the file type, you're fine. It's not a malicious or unknown application, just a Windows component. You can remove it from the list in the Open With... menu by deleting a registry value but I can't remember the exact path.

    (Paraphrased from the top result of a Google search for "TWINUI")
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