Seriously ??? No option to update my user/display name?

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    I am pretty sure it is possible here. Some people seem to have changed names at some point in time
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    hamburger -> settings
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    @ganjaman This has option for enable theme, logout and delete account only.
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    Okay buddy
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    @ganjaman Ok, so they have the option inside app but not on browser.
    This is what i was seeing on browser :)
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    Oh, never used the browser version which is really just the fuCKING SAME AS THE APP CAUSE ITS ALL JS why arent they the same
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    I was wondering what you were talking about when you said "hamburger menu" when all I see in the browser is an ellipsis menu.

    Yeah, the web version does suck. Couldn't even find my registered email address yesterday.
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    Aww man, I had made a meme a while back for the next time this came up. If only my computer were open right now 😒
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