* No raise after one year, even that I don't earn that much
* Working in the oldest project
* Everyday I have to make quick fixes, usually requested by leader
* No spare time to rewrite shitty code - always something have higher priority (like doing some tasks that I shouldn't do, just because I had no tasks for next sprint)
* Got feedback from leader that I "hack" too much instead of writing code properly (see third dot)
* Every company around pays more and have more up-to-date stack
* The only guy that wanted to change stuff and use more generic approaches from other teams just threw resignation paper

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    See last dot for recommended course of action.
  • 4
    resignation, go to any other company
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    Did you ask for a raise yet? Or do you wait for them to pay you more out of their own kindness?
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    I asked them, but they gave me nothing.
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    Then what is holding you there? Somebody out there will value you more, now go find them. Don't try to be content with this shitty situation.
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    Job hunting it is mate. Good luck.
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