Me : "Wow, the Windscribe VPN is free for a whole year, and I can download up to 50gb of data per month!"
Me : *subscribe, install and launch the thingy, then proceed to start a 38 gb torrent*
Also me, literally 35s later: "... but why does the trending page of YouTube is full of american videos? Where did the french content go?"

I swear, one day I'll stop being this stupid.

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    Really. Whats its taking?

    Logs or any data?
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    @zotigapo what is "it" you're talking about?
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    @zotigapo ... Of course. It takes data, but this VPN isn't the best because it's developed in Canada. They have a law that will force the VPN to reveal any user's activity if that user did something illegal.

    (And i don't remember reasi the anything about logs from them)
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    And whole purpose of VPN is fucked up.
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    Well that's bloody pointless.
    Get a vpn that does its job.
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    @zotigapo whole purpose of VPN is not in hiding your ass. VPN is for ciphering your traffic to destination to mitigate mitm attacks, for example, in public places and unprotected WiFi hotspots.
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    Torrents are best put on a server that's been paid for without identity verification.
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    This whole VPN fad is just normies falling for marketing. You just exchanged one logging server for another. When it comes to MitM most of the relevant web already runs on https anyway. Your internet providers gives just as much fucks as the vpn provider about your trafic. The most useful its for is bypassing location based content locking in a more comfortable way than a proxy
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