*in Sprint planning listening to my PM creating tasks*

PM (to Team): So this will be an MVP we can expand on in the future. Do let me know upfront if any tasks should not be in the Sprint.

Team Manager (to PM): Let's see... Yeah I think you've nailed it... Good.

Developer (to Team): Guys, I see the task for the frontend team to integrate machine learning doesn't have any details.

PM (to Developer): Ooh machine learning! Good catch!

PM (to Team Manager): This was one of the tasks we really needed this quarter, will we still be on track?

Team Manager (to PM): Yeah no worries we'll add it as part of the MVP design in Confluence.

PM: Okay assigning the task now. *Assigns to Developer*

*Team Manager goes on 1 month vacation*

Me (thinking to myself): Wtf

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