Learning these design patterns literally feels like I'm bending my brain into positions it never thought it could fold...
Shit fuckin hurts. I feel enlightened at the same time though 😟🙌

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    I had same impressions when I was learning regex first time
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    I felt the same way when I had to memorize a bunch of them for an exam lol. Good shit tho, and it'll be useful in your future.
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    Haskell does this for me sometimes.
    I don't think like a mathematician.
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    Learning design patterns used to make me nauseous. After a few years I've seen a lot of problematic code. Now rereading the same design patterns' material maked perfect sense and is in fact interesting!

    My point: don't rush. Get an idea on what they are, maybe learn and understand a few. With more xp you'll get to understand them all as if it was a light reading
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    I had to memorize some of those once but they made no sense to me until I actually started using them.
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