Is spring framework widely used or is being replaced to other server side frameworks?

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    I don't know about replacing it as some newer projects prefer DropWizard and other lighter ones. But Spring as a framework is definitely widespread
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    I strongly doubt Spring would have a legit competitor :) not when it's so freakishly advanced!
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    Spring Boot, so basically Spring but with some candy on top of it. Its really powerful, easy-to-use and widely used today.
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    Definitely widely used. I get offers to work with it at least twice a week
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    Spring is definitely being in use in the industry. Most of the projects are enterprise level web applications. There are other web frameworks like laravel, ROR, django etc. which are being widely used but still the requirements for spring developers is in demand.
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    Can confirm, Spring is being used a lot and will not be leaving any time soon. Its really competent at what it does and allows for a *lot* of flexibility
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