I sometimes get this feeling where I'll sit up to 2-3 AM at night programming. But at 10 PM, I just go to bed. And then, next day I get the same thoughts.

Anyone that have similar experience?

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    Maybe I am just misunderstanding what you are trying to say.

    So, you are staying up coding until 2-3 am but goes to bed at 10 pm? And the next day you repeat?
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    @TheDane he wanted to, but he went to sleep instead

    Sleep > coding (if you didn’t procastinate around during the day)
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    @TheDane It's just a feeling, or maybe a thought would be a better word. It's something I want to do but never get done.
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    Every single day...
    Since I started my internship
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    Yeah, me too and especially in working days its very hard to practice programming or learn new concepts.
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    @colaguy okay, makes sense. Have you tried taking a nap after work/school?
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    @TheDane I'll try this, mind gets overload from work.
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