It works!

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    Honesty is always ++
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    @redman what if secretly he does know how it works but the code is a shithole so saying here that he doesnt know is just making sure he wont be bothered by someone about it.
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    I personally do not like the “it works” because I have seen to many things that “works” for all the tested cases but breaks horribly with some real customers or opens a huge security hole, like putting the secret key in the js file ;)

    Sure, it “works” as far as token generation is concerned, but as a security feature, not so much :/
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    @Codex404 quite possible. I spent 2.5 hours in the morning trying to understand it. Didn't get a thing. The code is the definition of shit
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    @Codex404 That is quite possible. Personally I am that lazy as far as comments go that I stick to the subject.
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    Praise the sun!
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