I was all happy using and applying Machine Learning algorithms until I came to do a Research Internship and now I'm sitting in the lab studying Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics the whole day just to cope up with the guys who are improving and developing algorithms here!

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    Idk a fucking thing
    College doesn't teach numpy and scikit and we have to first teach ourselves and then sit through differences in functions in MATLAB and numpy

    I've to implement a fucking paper which god knows why is diverging in python whereas converging in MATLAB for near same code

    And it's the last day to implement it and a fucking report is left
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    I came to the lab and the professor just shot me with some Linear Algebra Questions which I couldn't answer and didn't even tell me the project I have to work on until I got to him and make him understand "Regression Problem" in a completely mathematical way

    He stops me every if I go mathematically incorrect anytime during my explanation and sends me back to read more in depth.

    Effing Frust!!!
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    @viveknigam @gitlog Check that you both are not under the same guy..
    Just in case...😁
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    Are we even from the same country?

    P.S. I'm from India
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    @viveknigam yes. Your name suggested that. That's why I commented
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    @viveknigam given the fact that we can check other person's country in his/her profile on devRant in most of the cases, yes we are in the same country but not under same professor.

    And dobby is free man now (for 3 hrs) as the algorithm finally converged!!!! It was that fucking complex random number generator
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    @viveknigam Also, what did he ask you to read? Could you share the sources?

    Did he make you read about RKHS also?

    He atleast didn't throw a few papers at you without knowing your current status and asked you to read them in a few days and also implement it
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    Fuck yes bitch
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    Same boat here. I have to present a paper of my choice in a little less than 3 weeks. two months ago I didn't know anything about machine learning, but I'm getting there. You really have to make sure that you understand every little detail!
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    @gitlog I was reading on my own from a book by Sheldon Ross (Introduction to Probability) and Linear Algebra from Gilbert Strang (Introduction to Linear Algebra) and Sheldon Axler's Book (Linear Algebra Done Right).

    And any other topics from different blogs on the internet.
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