Will there be any job offer for Freshers (without any experiences) in the near future?

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    Yes there will be jobs.

    Technology is changing day by day. The growth is so high that IT industry need skilled personnel. The change in technologies bring new opportunities to Freshers. Analyzing the trend and grabbing that work is what you can do.

    Just knowing basic programming won't land you on a decent job (atlest in top MNCs). You must possess other qualities like communication skills, interpersonal skills, marketing skills, management skills etc. You should do things which will make you different from other candidates (ex: learn some technology and make some mini projects, do some blogging or freelancing work as these things make huge difference). You should know how to impress potential employers and grab opportunities.

    The IT world is so big which is not just limited to programming. Other works too require IT expertise (management, communication, testing, toolings etc) so don't worry if you are not into core programming. You should expect great amount of job offers.
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