Hey Guys !
How much backup does your UPS provide and what kind of battery setup are you using for it ?

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    UPS doesn't deliver what or when I ask it to. Ever.

    Jokes about other topics aside.. I'd also like to know what the nominally bought UPS is, I guess you need to calculate what the maximum VA/Wattage is used by the peripherals you hook onto it.. :)

    On 220/230 I'd probably go for a 7800VA one just to be able to safely shut down my tower and triple screen set-up.
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    @xewl 7800 VA becomes 6240 Watts with a power factor of 80%. That's a lot considering that a normal PC uses around 300-400 Watts.

    But it is still just the output which the UPS circuitry provides after extracting it from the battery, so it's the battery capacity (measured in ampere-hours) that decides the duration of backup.
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    @ViRaS ok ok, I'd like it to run for at least an hour or two lol
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    @xewl Me too. That's why I am asking what the folks here use
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    @ViRaS Watt is a measure of power. Not energy storage. 7800VA cannot just become joule/second.
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    @olback Yes, Watt is a measure of power. I never said it's a measure of energy storage
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    @olback actually Volt * Ampere IS power, so 7800VA is a unit of power delivered (which makes sense when pairing it with an efficiency coefficient like the 80% mentioned above).
    The mistake would be to consider VA a unit of energy stored [J] in this case.
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    @endor Yeah, Watt is P

    second one's how I actually learned it..

    Cosinus, thus loss, aside. :)
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