Is anyone of you still using command line debuggers like gdb?

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    Absolutely. The GUI ones suck ass. I don’t have to use debuggers very often though
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    @FrodoSwaggins hah, that’s no surprise. You were actually the first one that came to my mind when asking this.

    I’m currently learning my way around gdb and jdb (ugh, jdb sucks!) because I switched to text editors only. They’re pretty useful for occasional variable control, imo.
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    Yes, jdb. One of our apps was burried too deep in the nw infra to connect intellij through tunneled ports. I had to leard jdb :) it's pretty cool, and easier to use than I thought!
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    Yes, of course. What's wrong with gdb?
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    Yup. when debugging go microsevices running on kubernetes. Simpler then opening a port.
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    Nope, VSCode has an awesome debugger
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