Nothing technical

Just wanna share with my devrant family.

Now I have own restaurant.
Ya ya I know it's nothing techie but I m happy that I own some business and I will test my entrepreneur skills here.

Fucking happy.

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    Great! Good luck!

    I hope it will let you work and still enjoy tech stuff 🖖
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    @dmonkey yes actually it's 2floor premises.
    Ground n 1st floor for restaurant.

    2nd floor for my techie stuff
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    @M1sf3t founded.
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    Fucking awesome man! I wish you the best :D
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    This is great indeed! You now have the choice of retiring from dev things and just living off the restaurant income. At any moment, you can decide to stop working for any cock sucker other than yourself and only code what you love and think it is fun!

    Once again! Congratulations!
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    Hopefully you avoid common mistakes such as:

    Too expensive, so no customers.

    Not what customers want to eat.

    Food arrives cold.

    Quality of food is below par.

    Seats are uncomfortable.

    Tables are too small.

    Tables are too close together.

    No toilet paper.

    Not open at times when folk want to go there !

    There are several here with all of those faults..
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    Also helps to not run out of popular lines.

    I'm reminded of places I've been too where every Friday, they run out of X and Y.

    Why not order more X and Y in based on historical records of when you run out of the stuff. :-)
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    Talking of drinks, reminds me of soft drinks with too much ice.

    And plastic cups help to reduce accident issues you come across with glass ones.

    I quite like places with free refills.

    To save money there, buy one cup, and two straws. :-)

    I also like wide squat cups, rather than tall thin ones that tip over more easily.

    And rinsed, eg. not tasting of washing up liquid. :-)
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    I'm reminded of this TV series with lots of good advice in it.


    Or at least, bad things to spot that you shouldn't be doing. :-)
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    That reminds me of another big thing, enough parking spaces for customers.

    And the right size parking spaces, eg. not too small !

    And the right carpark layout, eg. it is easy to drive in, park and drive out, and not require a 13 point turn to do so !

    Which also leads to the, way from the carpark to the restaurant needs to be well light, without things to trip over like steps.

    And maybe a really obvious sign telling you the way in.

    Yes there is one here where the carpark is behind the back, with no lighting, lots of steps, and no idea which door is the actual entrance..

    It has since closed..

    It was also, very expensive, the food was cold, they was only open one day a week. (They was open more days, but as customer numbers fell, they reduced their opening days/times..)

    And when I was there, there was only 4 customers in the whole place !
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    4 years ago,i also open a restaurant with high speed wifi and plug point at every table.That time also i stop programming for a while.

    1 years later, the business closed down because of not many customer pay for food.there just order plain water and sit there to use wifi for all day long.😆😆

    so,good luck on your restaurant and dont make mistake like me.😋
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    Best of luck man! What's the restaurant name, and where is it?
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    Cyber cafe ?

    I remember a friend of mine at college, flush with money in his pocket from a redundancy, and keen to spend it on some business start up.

    He had the idea of a cyber-cafe, and they was popular.

    So I looked at his business plan, and then we did some investigations into the area he had in mind.

    Sat in the local cafe's and customer counted, how many, what they spent.

    The staff was most helpful telling us their profit margins/etc. !

    As such, I reckoned he wouldn't get enough customers to break even and suggested he either try a different area, or a different business model..

    Roughly 99% of business ideas/plans I look at for folk, I reckon won't break even, let alone make a profit !

    It's quite difficult out there.

    As such, I struggle to come up with good plans myself that I don't think, no that won't work !
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    @Kyouma exactly that's my plan.
    I want to setup this business as fix passive income so I can leave my current job and work on my own creation.
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    @Nanos actually I will just concentrate on tea and coffee for eating just pastry and some little snacks which is easy to cook.
    For other Suggestions ,thank you ,I will keep in mind.
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    @sinclair83 I am searching for WiFi solution which can generate pin ,
    I will print that pin on every token ,
    Session of every pin will end in 10-15 mins.
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    @M1sf3t exactly ,I am shocked.
    It is non technical topic but devrant community always stand for you.
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    @cst1992 it is Ulhasnagar near to mumbai(actually too far) but In crowded place with road facing.

    I will tell name once I launched website.
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    Control costs, control costs, control costs.

    This is a big accounting project. This isn’t about being cheap, it’s about being very, very intentional and in control of the ins and out of this restaurant. Ever dollar that goes out should have a precise assignment. Determine what kinds of things are worth it for advertising, and what contributes to the experience.

    Avoid debt. You need to be able to pivot. With debt, you are constantly saying “just gotta do what I’ve been doing so I can make the next payment, then I’ll pivot.” But after the payment, there’s no more money to pivot. Take it slow, nobody cares if you are the busiest restaurant in town. You need to be busy enough to slightly profit, the rest will come in time.

    Watch how corporate restaurants run their shops. Join with other restaurant owners and learn the secrets of your area. Keep up your Heath inspections. Label everything. Get to know if your health inspector has any quirks. One I knew would go less harsh if you bought his knives. Of course not if you were doing dangerous stuff, but he would overlook the misplaced roll of paper towels or say you need to get that tile fixed instead of actually docking you for it and only dock you if you didn’t have it fixed when he returned. If he has docked you the first time, he could have had you closed until it was fixed. Little stuff like that. Consider hiring eco sure or some other company to do a super strict but private health inspection periodically.

    If full service, make sure you listen to your severs and get them what they need. Make them team players, but don’t make them full bussers and janitors.
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    This too shall pass
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    > some little snacks which is easy to cook.

    FX [ Nods in agreement. ]

    I found toasted sandwiches quite popular.
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    FX [ Nods in agreement. ]
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    Having been involved with businesses that spent large amounts on advertising, and some none at all.

    Cranking the numbers I noticed that advertising appeared to make no difference at all !

    As such, I'm keen to see a method tried which may help to focus advertisements in specific places.

    Each advert goes out with a different money off code. (Say 10%) You keep track of codes, where, and who uses them, how much they spend/profit/time/etc.

    Then you can build a database showing you which advert codes pull in the most customers, and which the least, if any.

    You can then cut advertising in the lowest areas.

    Maybe change adverts/codes every 3 months.

    I've seen businesses succeed with just word of mouth.
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    > Session of every pin will end in 10-15 mins.

    You might want to experiment with the time period to determine your optimal profit rate.

    It might need to be varied depending upon the time of the day, the day of the week.

    Customer discount loyalty cards could help you to track regular users and collect useful data.

    At least one member of staff who has:


    Can be useful in helping you figure out in a non-computer way customer trends/etc. and help you to steer towards profitable solutions.
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    Ron's coffee shop?
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    @samsepiol I was waiting for this comment.
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    @rutee07 ya sure

    Free for devrant family
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    @sinclair83 Give the code for unlocking temp wifi with the bill. Problem solved.
    Kind of how the default code for unlocking a new router is written on the bottom; have to buy the router to see it; plus it's only valid for that particular router.
    Bonus points for figuring out the optimal duration for wifi validity and varying validity according to bill amount 😎
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    I guess a simple startup solution would be to change the wifi password daily.

    Or you could make it, for every X you spend, you get Y hours of free wifi..

    Then there is at least an incentive to spend a minimum and some folk might spend more just for access..

    Or perhaps small parcels of time, 20 minutes fits nicely into an hour.
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    @Nanos Something like that, yeah.

    Just to make customers realize the wifi isn't free... atleast not indefinitely free.
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    If its time limited, you really want a countdown clock or something, so they know when to finish their email !

    Perhaps coin operated with tokens given when you buy something ?

    Eg. each table has its own wifi router, to which the power is controlled by a timer based coin device. (Must be something old and suitable (aka retro..) you can use for that, an old electricity meter perhaps ? (I used those as money boxes for the kids!)
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    Then you open up the opportunity for someone with money who wants internet time, but doesn't want to eat or drink anything, to use your service at a higher cost than someone buying food/drink.

    It could allow you to sell time in say, 5 minutes segments too.
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    @Nanos Coin box is old school. How about swiping? Or UPI payments?
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    All very complicated and difficult to get working right.

    Coin box/etc. is simple, uncomplicated, cheap, easily fixable, etc.

    When I had kids for example, the power to their TV ran through our room, where an old mechanical central heating timer hidden behind a picture on the wall regulated what times power was available.

    So they could watch TV until late evening, but not during the night, it would go on in the morning to help get them up, and then off before school time.

    And off all day during school time. :-)

    VCR was available if they wanted to record something.

    But it sure stopped all those watching TV at the wrong time issues !
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    @RantSomeWhere must be gathering data from us and sell it to 3rd party. MUUHH PRIVAACCYYYY REEEEEE

    @import-fun good luck with your business, devTea wish you the very best
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    Awesome! Congratulations!
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