story points that equate to hours.
1 = 1 hour
2 = 1-2 hours
3 = 3-4 hours
5 = 6-8 hours
8 = Kill. Me.
13 = Now.

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    Why even do relative estimation if you use hours anyway lol.
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    I use
    1 = 5 min (A Task I exactly know how to do and will probably soon automate)
    2 = 30 min (A task I know how to do, but haven't done for a while or I am still learning to automate in the future)
    3 = 4-8 h (A bigger task that needs some research and planning, commonly and Sub task of a bigger project)
    5 = 1 day (A task that needs research planning and probably getting some approvals)
    8 = Needs to be broken down in smaller tasks or a lot of research and planning.
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    @musician right? I keep telling our CTO this and he gets it but he wants to do it anyway because it's more accurate when reported back to the client; false.
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