Antergos is going out of the play. And i saw a very click baity article which poised the following statement at the end:

"Is the death of Antergos a major loss? No, not on its own. Despite the developers bragging about over 900,000 downloads (over the last five years) it’s hardly a popular operating system. Still, its demise is a part of an emerging trend where developers don’t have the resources to continue a project. And both the Linux and Open Source communities should be very worried about that. Developing for love or as a hobby simply isn’t sustainable."

Now, this is, at least to me, bullshitty in the sense that the open source community does not really have anything big to worry about. Large pools of companies would make yeary investments in open source codebases due to the ammount of usefulness they present to their companies. More and more great open sourced projects come out every year OUTSIDE the all eating scope of just web development(which to an extend is fine since it brings communities together)

Saying that a hobby isn't sustainable is funny in itself really.

If people don't have the time to support a hobby project because they are moving on to bigger and better things in shit that actually pays then I am glad for them. It tomorrow Arch, Debian, pop os, ubuntu and fucking freebsd goea out then I would have something to bitch about.

Till then, stating that the community haa something to worry about is just bullshit.

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    @RantSomeWhere exactly. And actually they will have a final patch that will basically move everything form the antergos team repo into regular arch.

    So every user would basically be left with an Arch with gnome system. The article did mention it but made it sound extra shitty(to me at least)
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    If there's ONE thing in the OSS world where there is absolutely no shortage, then it's Linux distros. Actually, seeing quite some of them die would be a good thing because so many people doing the same work in parallel is just stupid. It's really not necessary that not only every dev, but even each of his pets runs a Linux distro of their own.
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    Okay but what exactly have to support on an arch system where all you do is tick which initial packages you want and thats it? With debian, yeah, you have to make releases with kernels but the cost of being the developer of antergos is $2 for a vps and $5 for the domain name.
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