Super pumped for Google Stadia. I can imagine a future where all you need is a screen (an ultrabook for example) and you get access to everything from movies and music to games.

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    You can already do this by renting out a server/vps, there's nothing new about that.
    The name of the game is latency: if the server is too far away, or the connection too shitty, everything will feel laggy and slow. If you've ever played a game with >100ms ping you already know how it feels.
    The biggest challenge for Stadia and its competitors is bringing that ping down, and you need a massively widespread infrastructure to do that.
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    I wonder how stadia would work with mods and mod making and creative stuff in general.

    I see it more as a console replacement than a PC gaming replacement because it seems to cater to the same needs (easy OOTB gaming) and has similar limitations (inflexible platform).
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    @RememberMe answer: it won't
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    @endor well you can but there's alot of software that goes into reducing the latency and it's hard to get that in there on a random VPS. Guess you could use steam in house streaming with VPN or something.

    As for latency, there's two components to that. There's the raw network latency that you can hardly do much about and then there's the latency that comes from encoding and your controller and whatnot. The latter is something they can work on. Nvidia for example has made the experience quite decent with their service so that gives me hope, considering Google's reach in data centers.
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    Only if the US or Google likes the manufacturer of your device
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    @CristCD whut? Stadia works in chrome so it should work on any device
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