Well .. just worked 15 hours straight because an architect who acts like a manager and has friends at my employer (im a consultant), had my employer threaten us ........ “Watch out with what you say to X” and telling us to work overtime..

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    note: It goes way deeper than that but i dont think I can fit all that in 1000 characters. Basically everyone’s a cunt except the developers, some of the architects and my actual boss. The guy who acts like a manager l basically has 0 power but he’s in a clique with people way above him (within the company I currently have a project at) but also at my employer’s so i can’t go against him bc i’ll get pounded either way :)
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    Such people deserve to be visited by a hitman tbh
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    Still, is he your direct manager/responsible?
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    Sounds like a toxic environment. I'd go looking for a different place to work..
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    @h4xx3r Sorry, didn’t see your reply :) no he isn’t, he’s simply an architect but he indirectly has power over us (the devs) because he has friends in high places within the company. On top of that he’s an absolute cunt and a terrible developer, architect and (micro-)”manager”
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