In my short time of working in the IT industry, I have seen my co-workers treated badly during their notice period before resignation.
The question is why!!??
So, today when I found this story, I knew it will stay with me forever ..

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    That font is burning my eyes, though...
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    I don't really give a shit tho, I don't care if it's anyone's last day or week, if they were friends then they'll be treated as friends, if not then they'll be treated as coworkers till the last minute, just because they're resigning doesn't mean that my behaviour towards them will change.

    I would resign if I saw my coworker using that font.
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    Companies that treat a departing employee poorly aren't very good, and the fact that they do that says a lot about their culture. Unfortunately, they seem to hang on. We always celebrate people when they move on, and keep their employee number available in the event that they want to return.
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    A developer shouldn't use that as their UI font.
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    That's the front I use on my phone. 😊

    But I agree. This is how people should treat employees.
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    @rynken Choco Cooky 😊
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    @SoulSkrix Wait, reposts? On the internet?! Never!
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    Currently dealing with this. Sucks, honestly.
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    That's sure is a good read, but what the hell is up with that font
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    Just who is going to confer human compassion onto descendants of the House of Slitherin?
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    Personally, I don’t hate anyone who leaves the company I work for. I just don’t care. But the ones I do care and were genuine coworkers, I bought “Best wishes” cards for them and wrote an appreciation note inside and they were so glad and appreciative I did. Yeah, so if we’re cool, you get such treatment. If not, goodbye. No hard feelings towards you just “bye”. 👋 and don’t try to be all nice and huggy cos I’m not going to miss you! 😁
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    @SoulSkrix It would have been low if I had taken credit for the article. But I did not do that. My post clearly said that I found it in #linkedin. The main idea behind this post was to share the environment in major IT industries.
    You may have read the article before, but some people here may haven't. So peace! ✌✌😊
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    It says allot about the maturity level of the people in the company who would treat a departing employee poorly. It is a knee jerk reaction to the pain they feel from having to go through the time and expenses of hiring a new employee.

    In my company we have always had a great relationship with departing employees. In fact we still have one person who left to go to lead a project with samsung and is still working on his project for us at no cost to my company.

    Treat people with love and respect and it will surely come back to you.
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    What's worse than treating them like a traitor? Asking your employee to buy out an early release if they ask for one.
    So you don't need me to work but you won't let me go unless I pay you? Mad Respect.

    @SheShell long time no see!
    Good to see you again.
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