When your workplace blocks GitHub.com... T.T

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    Get out.

    You're working for retards
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    @M1sf3t Ah Yea forgot about all the Autistic screeching that took place here on dR.

    Good ole memories lol
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    @M1sf3t more like irrational fear, but close enough.
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    Some companies afraid someone leak their code, but meh, mine blocked it in the past, now they allow it
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    G i t L a b t i m e
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    @devTea Companies like to forget that someone can leak code in a number of different ways anyway
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    @kescherRant yes, and their safe space is secure according to them
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    Makes sense.. Somehow people manage to upload client/company project secrets to their personal public github repos. They alwsys claim it's an accident. I find it hard to believe

    I honestly have no idea how could I by mistake do that:

    - mkdir newdir
    - cd newdir
    - git init --bare
    - cd ~/projects/clients_project/secrets
    - cp id_rsa passwords ~/newdir/
    - cd -
    - git remote add origin http://github.com/its_an_accident/...
    - git add *
    - git commit -m 'whoops...'
    - git push
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    @netikras the only thing I have no idea there is cp passwords
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    @netikras i believe stupid people tjat do it by "mistake" use some sort of GUI.
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    They must think very badly of their engineers if they think blocking GitHub will stop data leaks.
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    @bioDan @netikras Most likely the culprit is 'git add .' or 'git commit --all'.
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    @netikras if people really wanna steal away stuff, they are gonna do that anyway. Blocking GitHub for that doesn't make sense.
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    Just make a reverse proxy. I have a raspi just for reverse proxies and mirrors. It's 10 lines apache config and always proves useful.
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