For all the "Chrome uses too much RAM"

Recently got an RAM upgrade, now the CPU is too slow.

Also Rant because CPU sucks

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    Maybe you js code has memory leaking problem ?
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    Yay you ran a thing in node that takes a ton of cpu so you could take a screenshot and shit on node. Also, for some odd reason the node process doesn't even have an icon, fishy.

    Reeeeeeeee node sucks

    Edit: I just realised you're not shitting on node. Ignore me, I'm a bad person
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    This is what happens when you decide to run a shitty language like javascript as a native app :^^^) fight me
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    I think this is known issus by node.js. I recently saw quora answers of those people who upgraded from node.js to Go.
    And the cpu came down from 70-80% to 15% max.
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    Too much loop on "hello world" you should stop "hello world" app
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    @CPU this guy says you suck.
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