So I am for sure not the best web developer but I have been working on a personal project for over a year now.
Teaching everything myself I somehow got to a pretty oldschool, stack I still use: PHP, HTML5, JS with Jquery, ...

Should I feel bad about that? I somehow can't bring myself to learning something else because at this time I can do everything I want to do with my simple setup. Am I missing out on something big?

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    dive into fullstack JS, node, vue, etc

    its just so fast and and so many interesting libraries which can spark new ideas for you

    you are missing out on new perspectives in general by sticking with one thing instead of shaking up things upside down once in a while
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    @dakkarant yes, the last part really got me.
    It's just difficult sometimes to invest time into learning when you are focused and hyped on making progress. But it's for sure worth the effort.
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    Only for perspective. But one can get faaaaaaar with the stack you selected from the beginning.
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    Well by the sound of it you haven't tried any of the alternatives, in which case you should feel a bit bad tbh
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    Hey that's my stack 😂
    As @AleCx04 said, you can go along way knowing those.

    But having some working knowledge in other areas doesn't hurt. I don't use react/angular but I've dabbled to get a feel for them in the event I had to pick them up.

    Don't be afraid to learn outside your goto stack, and who knows you may enjoy something different.
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    JQuery... but... but.. why?
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    @echonox I started of using only pure JS but I really do a lot of tampering with the DOM and it just makes it easier I think.
    What's better or are you just a JQuery hater 😅?
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