So my in-laws got a new computer 😑
Yup you know where this is going. Ok so after I transferred all of their data set them all up etc.
They wanted to use "word" and could I set it up for free for them. I said no Microsoft office is not free you lost your license and disk and your old computer is trashed so the better choice would be Google services . So I explained the value of using Google drive, docs,sheets etc.. today and told them how much better it is everything would be on their Google drive so if I got hit by a bus they could get a new computer again and still have access to their data etc... So they said great and so I did.

Two weeks later... Can you set up word for us on our computer. Me annoyed at this point " sure no problem"

I made a shortcut on their desktop to Google docs. Them: oh boy this is great see John all you have to do is click on google docs to go to word! Thanks so much!


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    ++ before even finishing the first sentence.

    and your solution...
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    Word: because the tech dictionary has been dead for a very long time
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    Great. Was not expecting in my mind.
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    What about Libreoffice tho? My Mom has never had any issue with it.
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    I'm surprised nobody gave you shit for having them use Google docs lmao.

    The only positive I've seen from my uni using outlook is the fact that we get free Office. 5 copies, if I remember correctly lol
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