Hi guys
How reliable are the spycam detection apps in play store?
I travel a lot and one of my constant fear is those spycams. I have googled it and the search results are pretty basic. I know those stuffs.
Any new suggestions on how to be safe?

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    @irene you call up Foaly the hyperintelligent but paranoid centaur and have him run scans for ion beans from spy cameras :p
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    They are bullshit.
    From the article that @norman70688
    provided they say that they detect IR.
    Do you know what else detects IR? A camera app... You have to be close to it and lucky that the spy camera is going to use IR for night vision.
    "Some of them can use radio waves"
    Depends, some of them can stream the video using wifi or save it on a card. It is independent from those IR leds that they use.

    There arent any relaible ways of detecting them...
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    Wear a mask?
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    @RememberMe ion beans are the number one cause of radioactive farts.
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    An app that has a hard coded permanently displayed message "There's a spy am looking at you right now" would be the most accurate.
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    @RememberMe Have my ++ just for that reference and now I need to reread the whole series so thanks for that.
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    @broseph ahahaha, I meant beams but still xD

    @EmberQuill hehe, I reread the whole thing recently after being disgusted with the movie trailer and wanting to cleanse it with the original material. It definitely still holds up, loads of fun.
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    @irene Artemis Fowl series of books
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