Hey hardware hackers, just wanted to let you know that seeedstudio offers free PCB assembly. I got 5 pieces of the PCB in the picture for 30 USD manufactured, assembled and shipped (including BOM costs), the also included 5 additional empty PCBs. However I paid another 30$ for customs and DHL customs handling (I'm inside Europe) ... But still, for assembly it's a great price, took around 4 weeks. Just upload the BOM and you get an instant quote. If you are curious, it's a simple board for an ESP32 with some mosfet drivers and two DC-DC converters.


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    Nice! Thanks for letting us know!
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    The ESP is missing 😜
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    This seems an easy way for them to get “inspiration” for new products.
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    @lastNick well, you wouldn't design your new product thought a cheap Chinese PCB service. I assume it's just to get new customers/makers to try PCB assembly.
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