Anyone else here who uses the 'clear' command excessively on unix systems?

I hate it when I want to move on to the next thing I have to do with a messy screen full with text, cls and clear are my favourites

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    Too much to type, I prefer Ctrl-l
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    @Frederick Me too! And then I spal the command out of frustration and eventually use cls
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    Just alias c='clear'

    Stop wasting so much time
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    I use it all the time. I couldn't take the mess.
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    alias cls="clear"
    it takes a very short amount of time to type "cls" from muscle memory, but "clear" isn't in there yet so it's just easier to go with what i can type out in like 6 frames as opposed to 3 seconds of 3 fucked-up command attempts.
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    echo -e '\0033\0143' will actually clear the whole buffer, unlike `clear` command which only "pushes" the content upwards.
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    @b3b3 alias c='cd'; alias cl='clear';
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    Ctrl + L
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