My brain has a very effective way of preventing me from liking anybody which benefits my career in a way since I don't have some romantic or infatuation distraction that normal people do.

I had this personal trainer since March and he's good-looking with six pack abs. I've been with several attractive people in my life that I only think "meh" when I see another one. Anyway, there was an event at the gym and he asked me to come. I didn't because I was lazy. One time, we almost cancelled our gym session because he has a photoshoot. The man is literally the face of the said gym, I'm not sure how he ended being my personal trainer.

Yesterday, we were doing the stretches that look like a sex position. Him bending one knee and pushing it towards my chest. We always did this but maybe it's that time of the month when hormones go crazy. For the first time, I looked at the mirror after that session and I looked as pink as I usually do after sex.

I went home and decided to check what all this photoshoot is about. I saw several women fawning over him which I didn't understand in the beginning until the crazy hormones months later. I fell asleep and had a dream about him.

In my dream, I was texting him and he said "Avoid oral sex" in the same manner as he would say "Avoid fruits and sweet stuff". Then he said "You can have sex but only once a week" and the whole "no boom boom before a fight" rushed into my head and I thought "wow, this guy is so buff, he must avoid sex very often". It made sense in that dream.

Anyway, I woke up and just like that, my hormones got over him and we're training again today.

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    Tangent aside, guess that means I should stop flirting? Phooey.
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    @Root What do you mean? You should flirt with me instead. I'm a cute drowning zombie. In the morning, I chase people and give free hugs. They scream in my sweet burning embrace.

    Don't you like the smell of the burning flesh of the mortals while having your bone broth in the morning?

    Don't you prefer the calming screams of agony over the chirping of birds?

    Are you sure you want to throw all of those away?
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    @rutee07 haha i guess i'm late to the party as i don't read thaaaat much, but you are a woman? That makes your rants like 1000 times more hilarious 😆
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    @eval Yes, but I still have a spiritual dick.
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    Feels like a yaoi my gf made me watch. 🤔
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    @c3ypt1c She's marriage material. ❤
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    @rutee07 but you said "him" 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Either way, I'm glad you feel that way. I hope you get together :3
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    @c3ypt1c I mean your girlfriend is marriage material for making you watch yaoi. 😳
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    @rutee07 ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Oof xD I got really confused but yeah, I guess she really is the one xD

    (in case anyone is interested, we watched "DAKAICHI -I'm being harassed by the sexiest man of the year-" which was really good)
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    That reminds me of a guy I knew at a place I worked, who all the women would hug in the morning.

    He was a simple man.

    Or at least, he pretended to be..

    Once you was working with him, he was normal, but as soon as anyone from management turned up, or a woman, he would go into mental simpleton mode !

    He told me he got one day off a month to see his doctor, except he didn't have a doctor. :-)

    I asked him why he pretended ?

    He told me, they gave him much less work to do, and he got to hug all the hot women repeatedly !
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