This morning i found out how much UI/UX is important. Who the hell put "snooze" button beside "stop alarm" button?

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    You are not the only one finding it awful. Especially when activating those buttons with closed eyes can lead this unpredictable results.
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    Unpredictable? It's an easy algorithm: On event, pick one side randomly.

    In a finite amount of time you have a predictable result: alarm is disabled and you oversleep.

    At least that's what always happens to me...
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    @sbiewald @haze so you guys are saying you are pressing the wrong button like me this morning? :D :D :D
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    This is why you need two alarm clocks, one requiring you to get out of bed to turn it off !

    Of course, it needs to be one of those special ones that doesn't turn itself off after 2 minutes..

    I wired one up once where the off button was in the toilet downstairs !
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    It's like on mobile phones:


    Damn it, I meant to answer that !

    And no clear indication which is which in some cases !

    But both buttons look the same !

    Years ago, designers used to hop into forums and ask folk about these kind of things, and we'd helpfully tell them.

    Why do they not do that nowadays ?
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    @Nanos And all left-right accept-decline options are often ususable with how big smartphones are.
    My left-handed friend complained about this a lot because design makes it harder to choose the more desirable option (put conveniently for right-handed somewhere near right)... :/
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    I'm so looking forward to folk here testing my software and pointing out things like that which would need fixing.
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    @Nanos there is some android app, sleep as android i think, it asks you math problems or requires to scan some QR code to turn it off...

    i put QR code next to a mirror in bathroom, but it was driving me nuts
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