Okay, mine is actually mildly interesting.

I was, at the time, obsessed with operating systems. The only thing I knew how to do (and I only knew how to do it poorly!) was make websites. And thus, Frames(TM) was born.

It was really labored for what it was. The whole thing worked off iframes to create different "Windows" which you could drag around the screen in a typical window-based environment. It had a start menu (Without search - I wasn't that good yet), task bar, background image, the whole 9 yards.

Some highlights from that project:

- Not hosted anywhere. Everything was file:/// protocol
- Originally, everything was statically created, and I learned about document.createElement during this project
- To communicate between the "Operating system" and the different frames, I used localStorage, which was continuously exec'ing anything it could find. Smart smart boi.
- Of course, the only thing available was web storage. The "Hard drive" was about 5MB, and if you cleared browsing data, goodbye everything!

Hours and hours happily dumped into that project, but I am definitely happy it is gone forever.

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