It takes me about 10 minuted to get into social media or any forum in which regular people can post shit and have a voice to wish for a plague or something.

Fuck man....starting to wish for a regulated internet. So much shit everywhere.

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    Can you smell the irony tonight
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    I would suggest additional waiting times for social media access so that people have time to overthink their opinions.
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    @lastNick imagine an alert or something that says "are you sure you want to post that?" Perfect place to use a NLP app that would detect idiotic posts
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    It's not the idiots that will be affected by regulating the internet, it's everyone else.
    Those morons who tell everyone about how they liked their latte today will stay while those who try to maintain sites like devRant (and therefore also their users) will have a hard time.
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    @possum you took it waaaaaay too literally my dude
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    @possum couldn't smell the irony
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