Hello devs.

Question, how can I make my work place interesting again? Somehow, I feel so hopeless right now. I don't want to work. I think I'm wrong that I choose this company. Too many complications. Fuck up boss, fuck up the system. Too many shits.

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    Add vodka in the coffee machine.
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    Decorate your work are with colored lights, and some of fake plants. Maybe a stuffed animal. And some pictures. Make it you little piece of work.
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    Put some TNTs in the foundation, detonate them when you leave the office.
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    @rutee07 oh that's funny 🤣
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    All good advice.
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    Switch technologies (frameworks etc. try something new you find interesting)... try freelance work... when your boss is shyt for bainz there nothing is more refreshing than being able to create projects all by yourself and being able to choose how you approach it and what you use...
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    Change your dress style to something more flamboyant..
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    Like? (Explain the fuckery, please)
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    Well, you say "interesting AGAIN". That means that it was interesting at the beginning so you didn't make a wrong choice. What happened? people fucked it up? Time to go, maybe...
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    Step it up with metaprogramming ;)
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