I hired someone to improve my credit score and he did. I feel better now without guilt, the system is a scam anyways.

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    Why are people (american) so obsessed with their credit score? The goal is to pay less, but you are paying to improve it? I don't see the logic.
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    Is hiring someone really necessary? There's a plethora of free info and shit like credit karma (note I've never used it) that help you for free (at least I think).
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    It didn't work out so I got a hacker to
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    Welcome to devRant. Keep in mind that if a hacker "fixed" your credit info, then they have your credit info. Just sayin'
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    Just get a passing grade, if you can’t even get a passing grade then you doesn’t seems to worth graduate from there
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    Grats on your improved FIDO score.
    Arf! 🐕
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    Any plans on what you intend to do with your new found ability to get into debt ?
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