What are your dev quirks?

For me, I like to disable the clock on my machine, it helps me getting in the zone faster,

If I need to see the time, I usually glanced at my phone or googled "time", not that I usually need it, my internal clock knew when it's lunchtime 🤷🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️

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    😶 the clock on my laptop stays hidden with the panel/taskbar so it didn't bother me.

    What kind of clock app do you use on your PC?
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    @cursee I'm using a macbook, I prefer having a fixed toolbar and bunch of minimized app window on one screen, not sure why though, the sliding movement of the toolbar is kinda annoying for me 😅

    And some people might suggest having fullscreen app window on different dektop partition on mac, but for me the sliding animation when switching partitions is annoying for me as well 🤣
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    For me the default taskbar clock isn't detailed enough so I found a way to add seconds to it.
    12h38 -> 12h38:36
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    @leduyquang753 by contrast, I use two "fuzzy clocks" with different amounts of fuzziness next to one another so I get such useful gems as "Middle of week Afternoon"

    It's great. Best part of my UI.
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    "googeling time" is a whole different level of first world.
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    I constantly code with huge debuff od coding on days. In 2 nights i can easly do week of job ;-;
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