I want a simple solide orange color for my text.In preview mode it works perfectly .when I render my composition I get this messy color any ideas ?

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    Looks like a failed print :p No idea, sorry
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    Theres a compression or antialias somewhere in render settings that does this
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    @ganjaman @ganjaman where exactly? Share a photo here xD
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    How the fuck am i supposed to know, you are the one with a windows laptop and a pirated copy of after effects asking video editing questions on devrant, not me
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    @ganjaman why so mad 😀 it's a bought version btw
    PS:if you don't have an exact answer don't share it.
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    We devs, not graphic designers lol
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    @kescherRant I am a dev and finished my app and trying to promote it using adobe ae
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