frameworks are great and all but it gets much harder to google stuff. a lot of people use php, not that many use cake

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    To be fair cakephp does have an amazing manual
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    @AleCx04 ik but it's about the rly specific things, they can't cover it all in the manual unfortunately
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    @darksideofyay laravels the way to go. More search results for laravel then even php
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    Laravel has a lot of flaws imho.

    Like a lot of all frameworks.

    But... And that's what you need to so in all cases... Debug what the fuck is going on and you don't need a manual
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    +1 for a fellow cake user
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    @IntrusionCM list these flaws. I bet you love symfony because it's so configurable? ;)
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    @bashleigh When you want to have a discussion, don't start with an allegation...

    And seriously... That allegation was just bad. Really... Bad.

    All frameworks suffer from a very tight coupling - although the last trend is modularizing.

    And it really depends on what you want to achieve - but the more you need to work on framework essentials (Session handling, Request / Response handling, Interceptions and so on) the harder it will get.

    Last but not least: Laravel is one of the most opioniated frameworks out there... I dislike quite a bit of these opinions, especially regarding to API / syntax.
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    @IntrusionCM laravel is rather opinionated, at least the eloquent portion is. But the user is welcome to configure these as needed. It’s very mature and has 500x the packages and additional frameworks that symfony does. Laravel is truly a beast for web development and api creation. Symfonies great too but as of 3 when the last time was I used it, had a very heavy focus on its front end and form configuration. This along with annotated database schema bugged me to death. Laravels very quick for POCs as well where .net would take someone three times as long due to its requirements just to set up something as simple as a disparate auth server. If you want to make an api with raw pho go for it but you’ll probably miss a couple hundred things that these teams had done right.
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    @IntrusionCM sorry was a bit harsh of me. Someone I know is very opinionated on symfony! Especially because it's so configurable and it just winds me up. Even more so because everyone in the office is is so far up his arse and act like fucking parrots and can't form an opinion of their own. So kinda took that out on you first off 😂😂
    My opinion is symfony is too configurable! And I dislike its container for quite a few reasons. If I'm honest all frameworks have their downsides. Nobody seems to like one framework. Especially PHP frameworks. If I'm really honest I dislike them all but I dislike Laravel the least because of its documentation
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